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Apartment Japan is a rental property search website equipped with an online reservation system, founded with an aims of making it easy to access to apartments in Japan, specialized for foreign residents living/will live in Japan. It is still very difficult for foreigners to rent a property in Japan due to language barriers, cultural differences, and Japanese unique business customs. Apartment Japan aims to provide the easiest way for foreigners to get a comfortable and reliable temporary home in Japan, through a big portfolio of various types of properties, and a special web system of easy search, easy understanding of the conditions and rules, and uncomplicated contract processes. We wish your experiences and careers in Japan would be a treasure of your life.

Features of Apartment Japan

In Japan, generally the rental apartments are offered with a requirement of over two year contract and huge amount of initial cost. It is good for eternal residents, but is not good for foreigner residents who would like to live in Japan temporally. Apartment Japan provides properties on several conditions based on the length of the lease period. It makes easier for foreigners to rent an apartment in Japan.
( The items marked * is applied not for all properties. )
  • 最低 1ヶ月 契約からOK

    Short term lease available *

    The minimum lease period is for one month. The lease condition is varied based on the length of the lease period. Search with your wishes!!
  • トラブルにも安心!

    English Support *

    The biggest barrier to live in Japan is the language. But the lenders of Apartment Japan have no worries about the communication in English! Please rent a property via Apartment Japan, and have a relieved and comfortable life!
  • 家具付の物件もたくさんあります

    Lots of Furnished Apartments

    In Japan, the furnished property is not very common. Also, there are few properties un-furnished for short term lease. But Apartment Japan has a lot of listings of furnished / un-furnished apartments for short term and long term lease. Please look for properties that match your lifestyle!
  • スマホ・タブレット対応でどこでも検索

    Online Reservation System *

    Apartment Japan has an Online Reservation System with e-signature on this website. It will reduce bad luck such as missing your favorite rental properties due time lag and miscommunication, etc. Once you find a good one and decide your mind, you can make a reservation immediately, even if you were not in Japan yet.
  • 仲介手数料なし物件も多数

    No agency fee required *

    For short term residents, the agency fee which is a huge amount of money is felt like a waste of money. Apartment Japan has a lot of listings which won’t request an agency fee, because many of properties listing here are offered directly by Lessor.
  • 月額費用と初期費用が一目でわかる!!

    Online Quotation – Easy understand of Lease condition & Initial cost *

    Apartment Japan has Online-quotation system and Online Application system on this website. (only properties which has [ONLINE]mark on the listing) It makes customers understand well the lease condition, initial cost, rental rules, etc. in advance on your convenient timing.
  • 便利なオプションサービスもご利用可能

    Useful Optional services available *

    Apartment Japan has extensive networks of supply the optional items, as of sterilized clean rental beddings, portable internet router rental services etc. which are useful for short term customers. For the details, please check on each property's detailed information or ask to the company. ※ Some optional services are provided directly into the property by specialist vendors.
  • 保証人不要の物件もあります

    No guarantor, No guarantee company required *

    In Japan, most of apartments required to provide a Japanese guarantor person, or enrolling to Japanese guarantee company. It is the highest barrier for foreigners who would like to rent a good apartment in Japan. Apartment Japan has a lot of listings which won’t request to provide a Japanese guarantor person nor enrolling to Guarantee companies.
( The items marked * is applied not for all properties. )