Apartment Japan is a unique website for rental residence search and online reservation.

1. Various Properties, Conditions and Services are offered by real estate professionals

  • Apartment Japan offers various styles of rental properties.

    • Provided lease conditions are varied based on the length of the lease period. - as of monthly rent, initial cost, required documents etc.

    • Find the perfect rental property to suit your needs - We offer short term leases and long term leases, for single dwelling properties and family properties, furnished and un-furnished, plus other optional services.

  • Minimum lease term is 1 month. This is a great option to find a temporary home for foreign workers, exchange students, travelers, traveling workers, working holiday visitors, etc.

  • Based on concluding the lease agreement limited to residential use purpose.

  • The Property providers are professional landlords, management companies, or real estate companies etc.

  • Landlords may provide useful optional services. Please check property listings. for more details

2. Uncomplicated online application processes

  • Some properties can be applied for and booked online(properties marked


  • Online booking system covers all processes of application for rent, as of

    • confirmation of the lease period and the availability,

    • providing applicant's info and ID,

    • confirmation of lease covenants,

    • E-signature,

    • payment of Application Deposit,

    • determine the date, time and location of the contracting and key hand over etc..

  • Online application is not available for individuals under the age of 18 do to the age of majority under Japanese law. If under 18 years of age, applicants will require parental authority. Please contact the property provider via our website.

  • Online application is not available for Japanese nationals. Please contact the property provider via our website.

How to use Apartment Japan

Introduction of the lease via Apartment Japan

◇ Basic requirements ◇

1. Lease Agreement

In order to rent the properties, it is necessary to conclude the contract of "Residential Lease Agreement" or "Fixed-Term Residential Lease Agreement" for the purpose of using as a residence. Before applying for renting a property, please carefully review and confirm the conditions and contents of the lease agreement. By submitting your application, you are confirming that you have understood and accepted all contents and conditions.

2. Minimum lease term

On this website, the minimum lease term is for 1 month.(The minimum lease is specified by each property if longer than 1 month.) If longer than one month, the lease can be set to end on any day the applicant chooses.

3. Reservation Application

To rent the property, please make an "Application" to apply and reserve the property. The reservation acceptance period varies by property. Typically, it is from one month prior to the desired lease start date. The online application system is provided on this website for the properties marked


on the listings. In order to apply, the personal information of the applicant and all residents, as of contact details, number and photocopy of a passport, type of visa, validity period of visa etc. and the "Application Deposit" (meaning of reservation deposit) are required for the reservation.

4. Contracting

On or before the lease start date, the applicant is required to meet at the place designated by the property provider for the "contracting" which includes signing the lease agreement, confirming your ID, payment of the balance of the initial payment, and key hand over. The key will be handed over after an explanation of housing rules are completed and understood. During the online application process, please input your desired date and time for the contracting.

5. The Contract Party

The contract party is the person who will actually live in the property (hereinafter referred to as "resident" or "tenant") or the parental authority of the resident, or the company with an office registered in Japan which employs the resident. Also, the applicant of this online application system is limited to the resident of non-Japanese nationality. Apartment-Japan cannot accept the application online for the person under 18 years old and Japanese Nationalities due our policy. In that case, please contact directly to the property provider who posted the property information.

6. Identification papers

Upon application for the property, it is necessary to show the original as well as submit a copy of your identity certificate and required documents etc. to the landlord or the property provider.

On application online from this website, a photocopy of passport and valid visa, of the applicant and all residents are required, and if some of residents are in the process of applying or renewing a passport or visa, please immediately submit a copy after approval. If a copy is not be submitted, the application may be assumed cancelled by the applicant, and the Application Deposit may not be refunded.

7. Application Deposit (Reservation Deposit)

Upon application for the property, the deposit of application fee (designated by the landlord) is required. This application deposit will be assigned as a part of the rent or any other fees at the contracting. After obtaining the application deposit and applicant's information, the property provider or the landlord will conduct the tenancy review. In the rare case of the application cannot pass the tenancy review, the property provider will contact you as soon as possible, and the application deposit will be refunded to the applicant.

Upon application online from this website, the application deposit is equivalent to one month's rent.

8. Application Cancellation before Contract

In case of cancellation by the customer after completion of the reservation application, the application deposit will not be refunded. Please ask the property provider directly for more details concerning application cancellation.

In the event the lease agreement and initial payment are not received by the landlord on the next business day following a scheduled move-in date, the landlord may cancel the contract at their discretion and your deposit may not be refunded. (All deadlines are based on Japan Time)

9. Lease Extension

In case of "Fixed-Term Residential Lease Agreement", the lease period cannot be extended. However, if the tenant wishes to continue renting the residence, please contact the property provider. Only in case of the property is still available to rent at the time of the contact and the landlord accepts the new lease condition etc., you may be able to continue renting the property atter completing a new lease agreement.

10. Lease Cancellation

Early cancellation within the lease period is prohibited. However, in the case of an unavoidable cancellation during the lease period, an early cancellation penalty will be assessed. Please ask to the property provider directly for details concerning thir cancellation policy.

11. Security Deposit

Some properties require a "Security Deposit" when accepting a lease agreement. The security deposit is refundable after move-out. However, if some breakage, contamination, equipment breakdown, etc. is found on the property after move-out, the balance after deducting the repair cost or replacement cost will be refunded. If these repair expenses etc. exceed the amount of security deposit, the balance will be charged to the tenants. Please ask the landlord or property provider directly for details concerning the security deposit refund and other fees.

12. Rental Options

Optional Items are provided by some landlords, in order to reduce the burden of starting a new life. Optional item fee often are not prorated by the number of days of your stay. Please check the details on this website and refer the lease agreement or the rental agreement.

◇ Payment ◇

1. Application Deposit

Upon application for the property, the deposit of application fee designated by the landlord is required. This application deposit will be apply to rent or other fees when the contract is finalized. Please deposit by Credit card or in a way designated by the landlord, after confirming and accepting all covenants and conditions of lease agreement.

2. Payment of Contract Balance

Credit card, cash, bank transfer, etc. may all be acceptable for the payment of contract balance. Please ask the property provider directly for more details.

3. Monthly Payment after Moving-In

After moving in, please pay the next month's payment by the due date of every month described on the lease agreement. Both credit card or bank transfer may be acceptable for the monthly payment. Please ask the property provider directly for more details.

◇ Additional Provisions ◇

  • 1.

    No smoking in the room.

  • 2.

    No BBQ, No smoking, No eating on the balcony or the public area on the premises.

  • 3.

    Please speak a conversation with a small voice in the room and public area. (Especially PM 10:00 – AM 8:00 )

  • 4.

    Keep the room tidy and clean. (If you wish a maid service, please contact to Apartment Japan.)

  • 5.

    Don't place or store any belongings in the public space on the premises, such as hallway, stairs, entrance, rooftop or garden etc.

  • 6.

    Remodeling, renovating, changing the layout or otherwise changing the original condition of the property without advanced approval of the landlord is prohibited.

  • 7.

    Living with persons without listed on the lease agreement, subleasing, and acts of letting third party stay in the property with receiving money, are strictly prohibited.

  • 8.

    The tenant will be respectful of the neighbors and community where the property is located. No excessive noises, inappropriate behavior or illegal conduct will be permitted.

  • 9.

    Please notify to the landlord in advance if leaving the property vacant for more than 2 weeks.

  • 10.

    The landlord has a right to claim compensation for any damages in the room and public space of the building.

  • 11.

    The landlord has a right to claim compensation for damages to or removal of furniture, appliances, equipment, and amenities.

  • 12.

    The landlord or a specified third party may enter into the property and the room in case of building maintenance or emergency without the resident being present.

  • 13.

    Please refer to your lease agreement for any other rules or provisions.

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