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Apartment Japan help you find a comfortable place to live in Kobe.

Apartment Japan is a rental property search website and online reservation system, designed to make it easy for foreign residents who are living or will be living in Japan, to find great residences properties. Apartment Japan provides the easiest way for foreigners and exchange students to find a comfortable and affordable home in Japan, by offering a large and varied portfolio of properties, and a special web system to ease your search, help you understand local rules and laws, and to clarify the contract procedures. We hope all your experiences in Kobe would be precious to your life.

How to use Apartment Japan

Features of Apartment Japan

Apartment Japan offers along with a special application/contracting web system which ease your understanding of the rental prices, lease conditions and essential lease policies beforehand, and clarify the contract processes, so that all expats including new visitors can live in Japan more easy, comfortable and with peace of mind.
( Items marked * do not apply to all properties. )
  • Short term lease available *


    Short term lease available

    The minimum lease period is for one month.
    The lease condition vary, based on the length of the lease period.
    Find properties that match the length of your stay!!
  • Lots of Furnished Apartments


    Lots of Furnished Apartments

    In Japan, furnished properties are not very common.
    Apartment Japan has a long list of furnished and un-furnished apartments for virtually any term lease, starting from one month.
    Find properties that match your lifestyle!
  • English Support *


    English Support

    The biggest barrier to living in Japan is the language,
    however customers of Apartment Japan can easily communicate their needs through our convenient three-party interpretation service. Communicate by phone or virtually any internet communication platform (Skype, Messanger, etc.)
    Rent a property via Apartment Japan, and kick back and relax!
  • Online Quotation,
    Lease condition &
    Initial cost *


    Online Quotation

    Apartment Japan has a built-in Online-quotation system and Online Reservation system. (only properties marked [ONLINE] on the listing).
    This allows customers to compare some properties of interest on the website. Once you find the best property, you can make a reservation immediately from anywhere in the world, regardless the time difference.
  • Online
    Reservation System
    with E-Signature*


    Online Reservation System with E-Signature

    Apartment Japan utilizes an Online Reservation & Contract System with e-signature.
    No more ‘email lag’, ‘waste by time difference’ and miscommunication problems!
    This makes it easier for customers to understand in advance the rental conditions, initial costs and rental rules, allowing them to live freely and with peace of mind.
    * E-signature is provided and secured by ‘DocuSign’.
  • Mobile Friendly


    Mobile Friendly

    Apartment Japan is available for most devices as of PC, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.
    Check and explore rental properties anytime anywhere on your spare time, and find and book a perfect rental which suit to your wishes!
  • No agency fee required *


    No agency fee required

    For short term residents, the agency fee can feel like a huge waste of money.
    Apartment Japan has a lot of listings which don't require an agency fee, because many of properties listed here are offered directly by the Lessor.
  • Useful Optional
    services available *


    Useful Optional services available

    Apartment Japan has extensive list of optional items, such as sterilized rental beddings, portable internet router rental services, house keeping services etc. - options designed for short term customers in mind.
    ※ Some optional services are provided directly to the property by specialist vendors.
    ※ Optional services available and the conditions varies by the lessor.
  • No guarantor
    required *


    No guarantor required

    In Japan, most residences require a Japanese guarantor person, or enrollment to a Japanese guarantee company. This is almost certainly the highest barrier for foreigners who would like to rent a nice residence in Japan.
    Apartment Japan uses the credence of your own credit card issued in your home country.
    Proper residency status for your lease period is essential.
    You no longer need to worry about a Japanese guarantor!
( Items marked * do not apply to all properties. )

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